1. How do i get quotation?
Quote on Phone: You can give your details of materials to us and get the quote. But this would be based strictly on details provided by you. Quote on E-Mail : You can Send your details of materials to our e-maild id and get the quote. But this would be based strictly on details provided by you and would be near perfect. Quote on Visit: You can call me personally and discuss the details of your requirements and obtain a quote which would be almost perfect.

2. How many days advance i will book?
With in 24 Hrs.

3. Are your men properly trained to pack and move my possessions?
Yes, we have a regular training programme, and employ an in-house training officer.

4. What is the Office Hours?
The company works round the clock, on all 365 days of the year.

5.I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?
If your goods get damaged due to accidents or any natural disaster at the time of transport, if you have insurance on that time it will help you.

6. What are the my responsibilities at the time of packing?
You have to watch the packing and you will provide the documents ( Transfer Letter, Copy of Rc & Insurance for vehicle moving)

7. How long Packking will take?
If you have full Load packing means just 8 hrs (inculding Packing, Loading)

8. How can i will transfer my car?
we have special car carrier.

9. Highlights
Specialist in Handling Goods and Packing & Shifting of Household Goods / Office/ Industrial / and also car Carrier.